Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Ok, I know that I’m not doing anything special or new here, but I like the result, and I like even more the super-low price! This is a very simple story: I went to a thrift store and I saw this bucket for just $ 0.69! Ok, maybe this is not the most amazing treasure...I know that we can find better things, but that was just one among others thing that I got that day! :) Anyway, I liked it and the price couldn’t be better – To be honest, when the price is lower that $1 is difficult to resist…. Ohhh, yeahhh!


So, I didn’t think it twice: I bought it and directly after that I bought a can of spray paint that matched my backyard chairs. So here is the result; a beautiful, colorful bucket that I’m using as a pot! Isn’t it nice?? and I love the green with the pink-purple of the flowers!


Not too bad to be the first thrifty project, eh?: cheap, easy, fast and nice. I think it was good enough to start, don’t you think so??? :)

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