Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hope you had a great Halloween! It was a really fun weekend for me: crafts + party with friends + candy = perfect combination! :)

Here is a pic of our scary pumpkins! The truth is that they were more cute than scary, also because they were small, but I think they look great! I think I'm going to keep them for a long time!

And here is another pic of our Halloween crafts. The moment I saw the spiderwebs here I knew I wanted to make them. And I decided to add some life there, so we made the spiders as well. The spiderwebs are made with trash bags (but go to How About Orange for the tutorial, I’m sure you will find more things that you like in her blog) and the spiders are made with foam balls (bought from the dollar store) and straws!

Fast, easy and cheap, so if you didn't put any decoration at your home this year, you should try that next time!

Crafty Halloween = Lovely Halloween!


  1. This is perfect, you have a great style, and you write really well!
    Please see mine:)

  2. Great post and photos! :)